As the executive director of Mission 21, an anti-trafficking service provider in MN for youth survivors of sex trafficking, I am incredibly grateful for the expert training we have received from Bonnie Martin in the past couple of years.  Learning about the adolescent brain and how trauma effects it’s development coupled with Bonnie’s expertise on serving sex trafficked youth has been a game changer for us.  Our team has reported feeling more confident and better equipped to walk alongside the youth at our program who are all in different stages of recovery.  The practical tools that Bonnie shares with the workshop participants are age appropriate, victim centered and trauma informed, all things that are important in our field of work. Since partnering with Bonnie, we have been working smarter and with the brain as oppose to against it.  This in turn has reduced staff burnout and most importantly has reduced unintentional harm towards the youth survivors and their families.  We all at Mission 21 strongly recommend Bonnie’s consultation and training options to any organization working with youth who have experienced trauma in their lives.

-Stephanie Holt
Founder and Executive Director, Mission 21
From the moment I met her, Bonnie has continued to impress me.  Her depth of knowledge, experience and dedication to excellence set her apart from the masses. She has a humor and grace that make her approachable, and a grit that lets you know she’s unflappable. An outstanding teacher and inspiring professional, I trust her implicitly with any individual or class I send her way. Not surprisingly, she’s our most-requested trainer every year.”
-Elizabeth Scaife
Director of Training, Shared Hope International

I spent over 10 years trying to find peace and freedom from my intensely traumatic past. I tried many counselors, programs and groups to only find myself more frustrated and hopeless. It wasn’t until I started therapy with Bonnie Martin that I started to realize that what I had so long been led to believe was failure (I wasn’t moral enough, wasn’t trying hard enough, etc.), was actually a brain response to my trauma. As soon as Bonnie taught me what was happening in my brain and how to counteract it with consciousness, I began to see dramatic change in my life. There will be crowns in heaven for this woman to lay at the feet of Jesus!

-KD Roche, Client & Survivor of Human Trafficking


Bonnie Martin’s research and work on how trauma impacts the brain is an invaluable contribution to the anti-trafficking field. Her brain-based approach to working with victims of trafficking provides advocates with tangible ways to engage trauma survivors. As a direct service provider to trafficking survivors, I have benefited immeasurably from Bonnie Martin’s work. Geared toward empowerment and resiliency, her trainings are seasoned with enthusiasm, a wealth of knowledge and experience, laughter, and transformational tools!
-Addie Mumey
Survivor Care Specialist, Advocacy and Outreach
Bonnie is the first trainer that can seamlessly merge the clinical and spiritual information to use when working with victims of complex trauma. Her information is powerful and can be as life changing for the workers as well as for the survivors the see. She is responsive to her audience and can easily engage them in her presentation. Bonnie is also great fun to be with outside the work time.
Cathy Brock
Chair Person
Dallas HRV Task Force

As foster parents, my wife and I attend lots of different trainings, and we both agree the one day we spent attending Bonnie’s training was worth more than the previous year’s worth of trainings. The information she brings is current, insightful, and has made a big impact in how we, as foster parents, provide care for the children in our home.

~ Mark & Libby
-Mark Cook, DCE

Foster Parents